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I heard about wordwrangler in this video


To install this app locally it is pretty straighforward, as you only need to run

sudo apt-get install wordgrinder

and works out of the box

On Bridges-2

On Bridges-2 is a little different, since we do not have privileges to install software.

So in order to do this, I will install wordwrangle in a Singularity.

Wait, isn’t this an overkill?

Then again, I really like containers.


Since the installation is pretty-straightforward, the Singularity recipe is easy as well.

(base) ➜  0.8 cat Singularity
Bootstrap: docker
From: debian:buster

    MAINTAINER icaoberg
    EMAIL icaoberg@psc.edu
    SUPPORT help@psc.edu
    REPOSITORY http://gitub.com/pscedu/singularity-wordgrinder
    COPYRIGHT Copyright © 2023 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. All Rights Reserved.  
    VERSION 0.8

    apt update
    apt install -y wordgrinder

For simplicity, I created a repo with the recipe and scripts to build this container remotely and locally.

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List of Singularity containers

I added this recipe to the list of utilities of containers I maintain at PSC.


Name Information
asciinema StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
aws-cli StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
bat StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
browsh StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
btop StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
circos StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
cwltool StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
dust StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
fdupes StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
ffmpeg StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
flac StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
glances StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
gnuplot StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
graphviz StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
hashdeep StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
hyperfine StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
imagemagick StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
jp StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
jq StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
lazygit StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
libtiff-tools StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
lowcharts StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
mc StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
ncdu StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
octave StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
pandoc StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
rclone StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
rich-cli StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
shellcheck StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
visidata StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense
wordgrinder StatusStatusIssueforksStarsLicense