icaoberg/Adventures in Failure

Created Sun, 29 Sep 2019 01:50:57 -0400 Modified Sun, 29 Sep 2019 01:50:57 -0400

Okay, you can see from the picture above that the carrots do not look appetizing with the yeast on top. I had Kahm yeast grow on top of my ferment. Now let’s be clear, this yeast isn’t -generally- harmful. However it does indicate there is a problem with the fermentation.

Now there are some really adventurous people who would remove the yeast and continue to ferment. However the yeast can change the flavor of the ferment and this is my first try at doing this to carrots so I threw them away.

However, there are some things I learnt from this experience

  • The carrots were packed tightly without a weight. However the carrots became smaller, hence after 3 to 4 days I needed to add the glass weight.

  • The carrots changed color.

  • No mold grew on top of the carrots. Meaning the brine was at the right pH. However I didn’t measure the pH of the brine since I wasn’t going to consume it.

  • The smell of the brine was vinagry but pleasant. Even with the yeast. No bad odors.

  • Adding the basil leaves was a total success. After 10 days the carrots were still crispy.

So I learnt good things from this experiment. I think I will go to Trader Joe’s and buy another bag and give it another try.