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All comments below are based as my experience as an interpreter and are not set in stone. These are based on what was discussed in the experience today.


Spanish English Comment
aguantar to stand/to put up with/to endure/to hold on You will have to pay attention to context to interpret meaning correctly

These are some examples using the verb aguantar

  • Wait, let me hold your bags. / Espera, déjame aguantar tus bolsas.
  • I can’t stand you anymore! / ¡Ya no te aguanto más!
  • I can’t stand the pain anymore. / No aguanto más el dolor.
Spanish English Comment
cumplido/halago compliment

Now, some of you were asking about this because depending on the electronic resource you were using, it either came up as cumplido o halago.

According to RAE

I found some references that state that cumplido, halago and piropo are essentially the same. I disagree. However, colloquially that might be the case.


One of the sentences we were trying to translate was the one below

“I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms. Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song” -Ed Sheeran (Perfect)

Now, think of these two words

  • dark. oscuro/oscura.
  • darkness. oscuridad.

Since this is an exercise in translation, I would argue the appropriate translation is

  • “Estoy bailando a oscuras…”

However, I feel it would be more common to say

  • “Estoy bailando en la oscuridad…”

Either way, these are proper interpretations. You can find many covers of this song in Spanish on YouTube.


Out of the many questions found in the lyrics, please try to answer the following

  • What does he mean by “el no te cuida”?
  • What does he mean by “que avisen en el cielo que se les cayó una estrella”?
  • What does he mean by “verte amanecer”?
  • What does it mean by “no duele tener tanta belleza”?


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