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du + rust = dust. Like du but more intuitive.

To install this container on Bridges 2

Copy the

  • SIF file
  • and the dust script

to /opt/packages/dust/0.5.4.

Copy the file modulefile.lua to /opt/modulefiles/dust as 0.5.4.lua.

To load and use the module

> module load dust
> dust --help
Dust 0.6.0
Like du but more intuitive

    dust [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [inputs]...

    -f, --filecount          Directory 'size' is number of child files/dirs not disk size
    -s, --apparent-size      Use file length instead of blocks
    -p, --full-paths         Subdirectories will not have their path shortened
    -h, --help               Prints help information
    -i, --ignore_hidden      Obey .git_ignore rules & Do not display hidden files
    -b, --no-percent-bars    No percent bars or percentages will be displayed
    -c, --no-colors          No colors will be printed (normally largest directories are colored)
    -r, --reverse            Print tree upside down (biggest highest)
    -V, --version            Prints version information

    -d, --depth <depth>                             Depth to show
    -X, --ignore-directory <ignore_directory>...    Exclude any file or directory with this name
    -n, --number-of-lines <number_of_lines>
            Number of lines of output to show. This is Height, (but h is help) [default: 20]

    -w, --terminal_width <width>
            Specify width of output overriding the auto detection of terminal width