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The information below is based on my experience as an interpreter and it is not set in stone.


This Saturday we had a brief discussion about different words we use to express when someone is expecting or is about to give birth. See the table below.

Spanish English Comment
avergonzada/o embarassed
embarazada pregnant
encinta pregnant
preñada pregnant Generally used for animals
dar a luz childbirth delivery
parir to give birth Generally used for animals
parto labor

Comment: I updated two entries from the table above to reflect the suggestions from a bilingual OBGYN.

  • Using the word preñada and/or the verb parir is usually meant for animals or as an insult.
  • It may be fine to use those words between expecting mothers or friends. However, avoid using them to be safe.
  • In some countries and in some socio-economic classes it is acceptable as well. Again, avoid using them to be safe.
  • Found this interesting article about this topic.